Talking Yourself into a Pit

We do it all the time. We say things to ourselves. Have you ever talked to yourself? Out loud? Silently? 

I know we all have at some point. It is easy to get into a rut and to struggle to get out. Sometimes it starts as a small rut but as you choose to neglect to ask God to help you out, it only becomes deeper. Before you know it, you are in a hole. A pit. A place of darkness. You can't seem to figure out how you arrived in this place. 

We talk ourselves out of listening and obeying God's truth all the time. 

It is the still small voice of Satan that says: 
  "What's wrong with it? It is no big deal that you are watching this..."
  "It is all their fault anyway, don't make things right with them..."
  "I will only do this one more time..."
 "It is no big deal, everyone is okay with it."
The enemy uses small, subtle temptation that can eat away the passion for God. It is a pit of excuses about sin. It is a place of conformity to the culture around us and not transforming culture. It is a pit of blaming others. It is a pit of inner turmoil that keeps us up late at night. 

I write this because I have been through times of struggle. The only way out of the pit is to look up. Look to someone that is stronger and greater.

Find a true friend that will pull you out of the pit.
 Allow them free access to talk to you about anything. They are a friend that isn't into conforming but transforming. A real friend that challenges and encourages you to get out of the mire of sin are hard to find. Make it a priority to sync up your life with others that will lift you out of sin. 

Memorize scripture that applies to the pit
 Romans 12:2 talks about how we need to be renewed in our minds daily. But in order to be transformed by God's Word, we need to know it. Memorize it in such a way that when you feel the slide back into the pit, you call out God's truth over the pit. 

Pray passionately to God 
 Let the God of the universe bring His peace into the struggle. God doesn't see a person in a pit, but a person He can deliver. Prayer is aligning our heart with God's heart. If you are in a pit, God is bigger than the pit. Call the pit what it is and turn your heart upon God and ask Him to get you out. 

Maybe we should stop talking to ourselves so much and talk to God. Avoid the ruts in the road by keeping your eyes fixed upon God's calling on our lives.