Jesus is not Customizable

I've been reading a great book by David Platt called, "Follow Me." I encourage you to read it. It is explaining the true meaning of Jesus calling us to follow Him.

I read this section and it reminded me of how I need more of Jesus and less of me: 

"Almost unknowingly, we shrink back from this cost, choosing to redefine Christianity according to our personal preferences, church traditions, and cultural norms. Slowly, subtly, we take the Jesus of the Bible and twist him into someone with whom we are a little more comfortable. We dilute what he says about the cost of following him, we disregard what he says about those who choose not to follow him, we practically ignore what he says about materialism, and we functionally miss what he says about mission. We pick and choose what we like and don’t like from Jesus’ teachings. In the end, we create a nice, non-offensive, politically correct, middle-class, American Jesus who looks just like us and thinks just like us. But Jesus is not customizable. He has not left himself open to interpretation, adaptation..."

We do not define Jesus by our culture, but by what the Bible says.

My life should be customized and changed by Christ not the other way around. Following Christ is a continual change and renewal to become more like Him. This is what it truly means to be customized.

Be encouraged! Jesus' customized life for us is better than what we could ever dream up on our own power.