Sports Hero: Dustin Hopkins

I love stories of people using their platforms to point people to Jesus. Athletes who use their gifts and abilities to share Christ are my heroes. I know, I know. I'm a FSU fan. Dustin Hopkins is not only a great kicker but he has influenced people with his faith in Christ.

Dustin has the NCAA record for points scored by a kicker with 448 total.

Dustin's legacy will continue in the NFL where his platform and influence will grow. I hope our lives influence people to Jesus more than our performance.

Check out Dustin's story.


Monday minute

  • Today has been a tiring day - there is always something about Mondays!
  • Lock-in: It was a success, over 70 students having a blast all night. One student came to know Christ! The worship band "Flying Backwards" played three times during the night and did a great job. Kevin Stone brought the message and did a great job explaining the gospel. Overall, it was a fun and productive time with the students. The adult leaders were awesome!
  • Praying and saving up for Cassidy to record a new album in Nashville with a friend, Michael Spooner that has a new studio. We traveled together during college in a band and worked together at Centrifuge. We hope to record it during the Christmas holidays. You will want to own this new CD!
  • FSU lost once again. I like Bobby Bowden. period. It might be time for him to retire, but I think Jimbo Fisher is not the answer to fix the Seminoles weak defense and indecisive offense. I've been a fan since I was a kid and have always respected Bobby Bowden for his character and love for God. He is one of the greatest coaches of all-time and I hope they beat the gators in November.
  • My friend Richard Coe is now married! Enjoyed his wedding in Eufaula on Saturday - Praying that God blesses them!
  • Thankful for FBC Ashford - Great staff and church family - I'm blessed.

What a great weekend!

This past weekend was great in so many ways. The gators lost, Miami lost...FSU won! It was quite a day. I was able to go see FSU play here in Jacksonville on Saturday with my friend from college, Ben Wiggins. We had a blast enjoying the game! My favorite part of the game is when they showed the final score of the Gator vs. Ole Miss game on the scoreboard! The whole place burst into a victory yell. I wonder what the players thought on the field...because it happened in between plays! Not only that, but God blessed me with a vehicle. A Jeep Wrangler! I've been praying for months for a car for me and Cassidy, seeing that her Toyota Corolla was on its "last leg." A friend of mine sold it to me for an unbelievable price and I'm truly thankful for an amazing blessing. I have always thought (secretly) that having a red Jeep would be awesome!

Here are a few pictures of the new red beast...