Waiting on Hannah Robinson

 I am growing more and more excited about Hannah coming into this world! God has taught me so much being a Dad over the past 18 months. My view of God has been shaped more by the way that I look at my son, Micah.

I love my son. He has been an incredible joy in our lives since September 4, 2012! As he grows everyday in every way, I am reminded of how precious and fast time flies!

As I think about welcoming a new baby girl into our family, I'm overwhelmed in a lot of ways. - Will I be the Dad I need to be for her? - Will she love Jesus more because of my example at home?

As the questions roll through my head, I'm reminded of God's still small voice reminding me that He is in control.

My prayer is that she experiences the grace and love of Jesus as she grows up. In fact, that is one of the main reasons we gave her the name, "Hannah."

We gave her Cassidy's middle name, "Leigh." I hope that she is just like her mother. I want her to love God and love people. I hope that her life is focused upon pouring out God's grace on others and leading them to find Jesus.

Hannah. Daddy loves you. I look forward to seeing you soon!


20 Reasons I Am Thankful this Thanksgiving

thanksThanksgiving week is one of my favorite weeks of the year.  I enjoy thanksgiving because it helps me slow down and count my blessings.


Here are 20 Reasons I Am Thankful this Thanksgiving:

1. Jesus for giving me an eternal relationship with God. 2. My wife, Cassidy. For her loving, sweet heart for Jesus and commitment to serving Him. I love you, Cassidy! 3. My son, Micah. He is a wonderful gift from God that I love with all of my heart. 4. My daughter, Hannah. I'm excited to meet her in just a few months! 5. My Dad, Jimmy. For being a faithful example of living and preaching the gospel. 6. My Mom, Jennifer. For her support and love for our family. 7. My brother, Jeff. For his example as a big brother and guidance over the years. 8. My brother, Justin. For his passion for life and love for me and others. 9. My brother, Jordan. For his life and example of being centrally focused upon Jesus. I miss you, Gord. I love you. 10. My church family at Church @ The Springs for being passionate about helping people come to Christ and grow in their faith. I'm honored to be a part of what God is doing in central Florida! 11. People giving us clothes and baby items for Micah and Hannah. We have experienced the giving heart of so many people. 12. Friends that help encourage me to be faithful to God's calling on my life. 13. That Micah's heart is healed and he's growing healthy each day! 14. That Hannah is growing healthy in Cassidy's womb! 15. A house to raise a family. 16. God providing money to pay for all of our medical bills for Micah's heart. 17. My extended family for their love and lives. 18 Living in the USA where I can be a Christian without persecution. 19. Airplanes for helping me fly to visit family in a short amount of time. 20. God's grace to enjoy another Thanksgiving with family!

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