Abandon Weekend 2013 Recap!

LOGO-SMALL-Abandon-2013-1000x1000What do you get when 500 students and leaders join together to serve God together?

Life change. 

We finished a great weekend serving the community with over 500+ students from churches in the area! I love partnering with other groups and serving together. Our purpose at Abandon weekend was simply to be the hands and feet of Christ.

I'm grateful for other student leaders who didn't just plan another "get-together" but instead led students out on mission for Christ. If we only tell students how to serve God and never put it into action, I believe we stunt their spiritual growth.

Students learned to serve with all of their heart. Students responded to Christ.

What an amazing weekend!

We were excited to see that the Ocala Star Banner covered the story and shared it with the community.

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The heart of serving

God has shown me through going on a mission trip to Puerto Rico that serving begins with a surrendered heart to God. Many times my struggle is to "do" ministry and to work hard at it but miss the time to focus and prepare my heart. Listening to the promptings of the Holy Spirit is the only way to truly please God in ministry. My goal lately has been to keep it simple and listen to God.

I want to remind you today to stop and listen to God. Are you in tune with God's heart and the needs of those around you?

It has been a blessing to watch students grow and mature in their relationship with God. Mission trips are one of the best ways to help students and parents see the true need for missions. Seeing the growth in many of their lives during this past year has been awesome. My prayer is that the students will catch a vision in their heart to think "big" with their lives to serve God.

My prayer is that I will think "outside the box" and be willing to do whatever it takes in my personal life, my marriage, ministry, and beyond to make disciples of Jesus Christ.