Postmodernism - What is of value?

In order to answer the second question of, "what is value," student ministry must be built upon genuine relationships. Many students have internalized their need of acceptance and purpose into financial and material success. People are what God values, not worldly success of financial pleasure (John 12:47). It is an awesome privilege that Jesus uses fragile, sinful human beings to carry out His purposes on earth. Jesus always included His disciples. He duplicated Himself by not only showing them how to live but gave them a shared vision. Humans are the ultimate value to God and through all aspects of the ministry this truth must be implemented through Christ-like relationships. Redemption that is biblical values people. We are created in God’s image but without repentance through faith in Christ, there is a broken relationship. The key is to lead students to be transformed by Christ through warm and encouraging relationships.

In Rainer’s book, he explains the reality of the Bridger generation, “They have ‘God’ on their minds. They key questions is: What kind of God will they find?” The need for feeling valued is evident in today’s teenagers and the church must have an answer for their heart’s cries.


The Bridger Generation: America’s Second Largest Generation, What they Believe, How to Reach Them. Thom Rainer